Caesar in discussion with some disgruntled ex-employees
Full Name Caesar
Class Unknown
Race Human
Organization Caesar's Gang
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation Ray Stukey: Client

Caesar is a rising gang leader trying to take control of an area in Sharn. He is charismatic and intelligent, but does not have the look of a veteran, making his success as a professional criminal in Sharn doubtful.

Jovir, Ray and Weld first sought him out went chasing the Bowl on one of Ray's jobs. Caesar, who was holding the bowl until Oskar paid his protection money to the gang lord, finally turned it over after negotiations.

The next meeting was somewhat warmer. Ray was hired by a cheery Caesar to investigate a break-in at Oskar's shop. The group successfully solved the case and Ray was paid, making Caesar one of the few clients that have been entirely honest with the investigator.