Carrie Bryce
Carrie Bryce
Full Name Carolyn Matthias Bryce
Class Unknown
Race Half-Elf
Organization Sharn City Watch
Area Middle Sharn
PC Affiliation Ilyaesa: Temporary partner
Carrie Bryce is a Watch detective working in Tower 09. She requested Ilyaesa's help in investigating the murder in her section, mistakenly believing that he could speak with the dead due to his origin in Karrnath.

Ilyaesa and Bryce continued their investigation conventionally, though Bryce provided few ideas and seemed generally content to let Ilyaesa take the lead. At one point, however, she spied a pair of Orcish buskers and went on a lengthy monologue describing her dislike for other, "barbaric" cultures in her city. She expected Ilyaesa to agree with her based on his race, but he did not.