Copper 2
Full Name FLB673
Class Unknown
Race Warforged
Organization Unknown
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation Weld: Owes his life to him

Copper is a warforged residing in Sharn, whose name probably comes from the reddish tone of the metal in his construction.

Weld was first introduced to Copper when he was called upon a charitable outreach program to heal a heavily injured warforged who was dragged out of the local well. Weld was successful in reviving the warforged, who reported being attacked and nearly killed by a jackal-like creature.

Weld and Copper next made contact after Weld interrupted a confrontation between Vanderhill and a group of warforged nationalists with some well-placed turnings. The next day, Copper made a house visit upon Weld and tried to argue for the Lord of Blades's cause, citing the ban on new Warforged construction. Weld argued the stronger case and Copper left, re-evaluating his position. His current stance is unknown.