"I will break my foot off in your ass!"

Coyne during the Last War
Full Name COB177
Class Unknown
Race Warforged
Organization The Lord of Blades
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation Weld: Begrudging respect
Ray: Will break his foot off in his ass

Coyne is an outspoken warforged living in Sharn. He is extremely vocal in demanding greater warforged independence and nationalism, and is building support for The Lord of Blades in the area.

Coyne got his first major push when the Jackal Druid struck Sharn's warforged district. While the party gathered intelligence on the killer, Coyne quickly organized a defense among the warforged and limited casualties until Weld returned with the information necessary to take down the druid. Coyne was obstinately opposed to getting help from humanoids (Ray, Jovir, Hedisus and Myril, in this case). He got as far as "I will break my foot off in your ass" before being shouted into submission by Ray.

Despite this loss of face, the night (and subsequent focus on greater community interaction) gave Coyne the opportunity to attract supporters for The Lord of Blades from the local populace. One "community meeting" threatened to turn violent when Vanderhill deliberately crashed the gathering and instigated a heated argument, only to be broken up by Weld and his clerical abilities.

While Weld was on the Demon Wastes Expedition, Coyne took the opportunity to slander his reputation. Upon returning to Sharn, Vanderhill reported that Coyne had painted Weld as subservient to humanoid interests. This improved his support within the community, while making many warforged suspicious of Weld's motives and activities.

Coyne is extremely emotional, which serves as his greatest strength and weakness in recruiting followers. His speeches are furiously passioante, and capable of whipping a crowd into a frenzy. However, this same passion makes him easy to goad into anger, and his rages loud and explosive. Copper describes Coyne as "hot-blooded", stressing all of the term's implications.