Dodok Astlumash
Dodok hiding from the fort's berserk population.
Full Name Dodok Astlumash
Class Commoner
Race Dwarf
Organization Independent
Area Koganusan (previously)
Unknown (current)
PC Affiliation Weld, Hedisus, Rose, Katara: Guide
Dodok Astlumash is the child of two (now deceased) miners at Koganusan.

Dodok survived the fort's violent death spiral by hiding while the adults killed each other off. Traumatized by the violence, Dodok lived the next few weeks in a feral, rat-like state; stealing food and evading the goblin invaders through her superior knowledge of the fort's unintuitive layout.

The group eventually caught Dodok and enticed her to guide them with offers of food. She disappeared at the first sign of trouble (specifically, a mutated mandrill), but was rescued when pursued by an overzealous goblin. The group carried her out of Koganusan and took her off the continent; no one seems to know exactly what happened after that.