Captain, Tower 12
Full Name Kilroy Dsidje
Class Unknown
Race Human
Organization Sharn City Watch
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation Ray Stukey: Client
Jovir: Recruiter

Kilroy Dsidje is the captain of the lowest tower of the Sharn City Watch.


Dsidje was first introduced to the campaign as Jovir's companions were under fire from a Quori agent named Zazulak. Zazluak, who had built a cult of personality around itself, murdered a watchman while hunting Kalashtar. In response, a furious Dsidje enlisted the help of Ray in finding the killer, and instructed several watchmen to aid Jovir and Weld in apprehending the killers.

Dsidje's next appearance was more in-depth. After the party neutralized a changeling disguised as a hobgoblin disguised as a shifter, they delivered her to Tower 12 for processing, but ran into trouble getting past the front desk. However, Dsidje soon entered and waved them and the suspect up to an interrogation room. Eventually, Dsidje resorted to violence to get answers, but was shooed out by the party. After they got a confession, Dsidje expressed his gratitude to the party.

Around this time, Dsidje seemed to become interested in recruiting Jovir's efforts, and suggested he apply for the Watch. He also asked Jovir to accompany him to Middle Sharn to handle an erratic person from Dsidje's jurisdiction. However, Dsidje had misunderstood the nature of Jovir's psychic abilities, thinking he could telepathically communicate from the obviously mentally ill person. Jovir could not, and the suspect escaped. However, Dsidje was still eager to have Jovir on the force and offered to fast-track his application through the hiring process.

Dsidje made contact with Ray during the latter's grief with Eugene d'Cannith, explaining some of the noble's history. Dsidje, when new to the Watch, exposed Eugene as producing counterfeit money and brought him to justice. Eugene, enraged, proceeded to sue Dsidje for lost proceeds from his illegal production, which held Dsidje liable for a sum that would have bankrupted him several times over. However, the Head Captain of the Watch paid Dsidje's debt and proceeded to promote him to leadership of Tower 12. Eugene, repeatedly humiliated and emasculated, had no further legal recourse but has held a grudge against Dsidje - and by extension, the people of Lower Sharn - ever since.


Dsidje dislikes paperwork and bureaucracy, but can navigate the latter well enough to satisfy his superiors. He prefers to be on the streets instead of behind a desk, and tends to keep his subordinates on a long leash. He is very cynical and assumes corruption in his officers by default. Despite this, he is extremely protective of the watchmen under his command, and protects the lives of his jurisdiction's citizens when he can.


  • Dsidje wears a wedding ring.
  • Dsidje uses racial slurs, such as "shitter" or "gobbo", in casual conversation.
  • "Dsidje" is an actual name in the real world, honest!