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Full Name Hassak
Class Psion (Telepath)
Race Kalashtar
Organization The Path of Light
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation Jovir: Roommate, ally

Hassak is the ostensible leader of a quartet of Kalashtar in Sharn, including Jovir, Lanamelk and Novakri.

Like all members of the cell, Hassak escaped from Sarlona by boat a few years ago. He considers the welfare of the group to be his responsibility, and worries about the emotional state of Lanamelk and Novakri. Additionally, he is the only member of the group in significant contact with other Kalashtar throughout the city, and often co-ordinates in the war against the Quori. Because of this, he is not employed, leaving Jovir as the sole source of income for the group.

Despite his opposition to the Quori, Hassak shies away from personal confrontation. Although a practiced telepath, he was reluctant to interrogate the lackey of an Inspired after he broke into their safehouse and was captured.