Elven Storyteller
Full Name Katara
Player Ryan
Class Bard
Race Elf

Katara is an elven bard of unknown origins. He met the group when he bought passage onto the ship that would carry out the Expedition, and has implied that he's running from something. Despite claiming to be elven, he has been seen to sleep (or, at least, pretend to).

Katara has proven reluctant to enter melee combat, although he is still more violent than some player characters.

He seems easily distracted, ignoring large details in favour of focusing specifically on things that interest him greatly. In the depths of Koganusan, he's spent a large portion of downtime examining the notes and journals found within the fortress, revealing in the process that he knows dwarven on top of his native elven.


Thus far, Katara has been quiet about much of his background and where he's come from, though to those that asked on the initial trip and during quiet times, he's shared a number of stories about time in Sharn and various other large cities. On more than one occasion, he's insinuated to have been to Xen'drik. The only known truth, as far as anyone on the Expedition is concerned, is that he quickly joined the ship's crew and passengers at the last minute as they were departing from port.

Upon the party's return to Sharn, he returned to the small library, The Iron Tome, which he shares as a home with the old dwarf Faroril Soldorak .

Katara's StoriesEdit

The Frozen Frontier
Of the Expedition's time in the Frostfel.

The Demon's Depths
Of the Expedition's time in the dwarven fortress Koganusan.

Tricksters and Trash
Of the Expedition's journey through the Demon Wastes to safety.

The Katara Conspiracies SectionEdit

Because it had to be coming - just who the hell is this crazy bard working for? Does he secretly serve the Dragons, observing those who are related to Prophecy? Is he working for the Twelve to track down rogue family members? Is he under the sway of some ancient organization out of Xen'drik seeking to lay a foothold in Khorvaire?

Wouldn't you like to know.