Kueller McDrevduul
Kueller, shortly after breaking a young man's nose
Full Name Kueller McDrevduul
Class Warrior
Race Unknown Goblinoid

(probably Hobgoblin-Orc mix)

Organization Caesar's Gang
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation None

Kueller McDrevduul (or Cooler McDrevdel) is an unusually muscular and inordinately piggish-looking thug in Caesar's Gang. He does not carry a weapon, but carries himself with a bound energy that suggests violence.

Jovir, Ray and Weld first met Kueller when tracking down the Bowl for a changeling imitating Felix Stiles. Although flanked by two lesser thugs and in the process of shaking Oskar down for protection money, Kueller was intimidated into leaving the shop and left to report back to his boss.