Lady Leila
Lady Leila wielding a sickle, symbolizing the unity of society and nature.
Full Name Leliana Woodwarden
Class Adept
Race Shifter
Organization Wardens of the Wood
Area Eldeen Reaches (born)

Sharn (current residence)

PC Affiliation None
Leliana Woodwarden, or Lady Leila as she is often known, is a shifter living in Lower Sharn. She originates from the Eldeen Reaches, but has lived in Sharn for long enough to have raised Myril from childhood.

Ray, Jovir, Weld and Hedisus met Lady Leila while tracking the Jackal Druid. Lady Leila reported that the Jackal Druid had met her weeks prior, hoping that as a fellow druid they could team up in his genocide against the Warforged of Sharn. Lady Leila turned him down and discouraged him from going through with his plan, but was unsuccessful. She did, however, provide the information necessary for the player characters to apprehend the terrorist.