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Full Name Lanamelk
Class Wilder
Race Kalashtar
Organization Independent
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation Jovir: Roommate, ally

Lanamelk is a temperamental Kalashtar, living in Sharn with Jovir, Hassak and Novakri. Like Jovir, Lanamelk escaped from Sarlona by ship a few years ago, and has been living in hiding on Khorvaire while masquerading as a human.

Although above-average in psychic ability and fervently devoted to the cell, Lanamelk is notoriously unreliable and emotionally mercurial. He has attempted to find work in Sharn in the past, but every time was fired or quit after only a few days, if not hours. Likewise, he may disappear for extended periods of time without telling anyone where he's going, and Hassak has learned never to let him have any money. Lanamelk is known for making quick friends, but also getting into fights and self-destructive behaviour, seemingly without pattern or reason.