Mackenzie Illystra
Mackenzie Illystra
Full Name Mackenzie Illystra
Class Warrior/Expert
Race Half-Elf
Organization Independent
Area Sharn (currently)
PC Affiliation Ray Stukey, Jovir, Weld, Hedisus, Rose: Co-worker on the Demon Wastes Expedition
Mackenzie Illystra was a sailor on Captain Behnam Besud's ship in the Demon Wastes Expedition before it was sunk by the Traveller near the Frostfell.

Illystra served with the Aundair Royal Navy during the Last War, but never saw combat. She found the constant danger and lack of reward on the Expedition extremely stressful, and began to act out on the return trip to Sharn. When Captain Seamus O'Connell failed to get the apathetic Captain Behnam to intervene, Ray discovered that Illystra was feeling out of control of her life, and talked her into calming down.

Illystra is still in Sharn, at least until Captain Behnam returns with her pay.