Marillis Naurithil
Mary Moonfire
Full Name Marillis Naurithil
Class Aristocrat
Race Elf
Organization Sharn nobility
Area Upper Sharn
PC Affiliation Katara: Customer

Rose: Potential employer

Marillis Naurithil (or Mary Moonfire in Common) is a noblewoman and landowner living in Upper Sharn. Like many of Sharn's upper class, she is extremely wealthy and engages in conspicuous consumption. Just one means of such consumption is a large and varied art collection; she bought Kodorsemor from Katara, and interviewed Rose in her gallery. She is also one of Amelie's patrons.

Naurithil sent for Rose shortly after Amelie attempted to strongarm the latter. Naurithil stated that Amelie is loyal, but will die long before the noblewoman, and wants Rose on retainer for her elven lifespan. She proposed that if Rose can remove Caesar in the lower levels, she will get her proposed greenspace; however, if she refused, Naurithil would devote her resources to driving her, Lady Leila, Evla and Tukka out of Sharn.

Throughout the conversation, Naurithil flaunted her wealth and political power in an apparent attempt to intimidate Rose, but was unsuccessful.