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Full Name Novakri
Class Warrior
Race Kalashtar
Organization Independent
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation Jovir: Roommate, ally

Novakri is a Kalashtar living with Jovir, Hassak and Lanamelk in Sharn. Like Jovir, she has been living in Sharn ever since fleeing Sarlona a few years ago.

Although her psychic skills are undeveloped, she is the only member of the cell besides Jovir with any combat experience, and sees herself as a protector of the group if they are discovered. She has tried to find employment in the past, most recently as a stevedore alongside Jovir at the Sharn docks. However, her passive nature has prevented her from producing a meaningful income.

Novakri is extremely introverted and rarely volunteers to speak unless it is to agree with someone else. She has no friends outside of the cell and spends much of her time in meditation. However, she was forced to become the main breadwinner for the group after Jovir left on the Demon Wastes Expedition. The results of this are not yet known.