Oskar selling some goods
Full Name Oskar
Class Artificer
Race Dwarf
Organization Independent
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation Ray Stukey: Client

Oskar is an independent shop owner in lower Sharn who specializes in magical goods. Although one wouldn't expect a market for his wares in the poor sections of the city, he seems to do well for himself.

Jovir, Ray and Weld first met Oskar as they were searching for the the Bowl, which had been sent to Oskar before being intercepted by a piggish-looking thug, who was at the time shaking Oskar down for protection money. An interview with the group revealed that Oskar did not know anything about the bowl, but that it was not unknown for him to recieve mysterious packages.

The group's next encounter with the dwarf was when Oskar hired Ray to investigate a theft at his shop. Instead of stealing any of his merchandise, the thief had slipped into Oskar's office and stolen a coded ledger from his desk. Oskar secretly revealed to Oskar that he occasionally dabbles in secret messaging and that the thief could be searching for the name of a client in his ledger. Ray's investigation took him to the Sharn Church of Vol, where he eventually recovered the ledger and it made its way back to Oskar.