Overn Kuspid
Overn Kuspid during the Last War
Full Name Overn Kuspid
Class Warrior/Expert
Race Orc
Organization House Tharashk
Area The Eldeen Reaches
PC Affiliation Ray, Jovir, Weld, Hedisus, Rose: Co-worker on the Demon Wastes Expedition
Overn Kuspid is an orcish miner looking for work on post-war Khorvaire. She served with House Tharashk during the Last War. She met the party while employed in the Demon Wastes Expedition for her experience with mining in combat areas.

Although she was not hried as security, Kuspid helped defend the Frostfell Village, participated in Koganusan's exploration and fought in the attack at Blood Crescent without complaint, and was probably the most level-headed member of Besud's crew outside of the player characters.