Despite being perhaps the most combat-adverse of any player characters in this campaign or any D&D game ever, Ray owns a very specific, personalized sword in the form of a hidden walking stick.

Appearance and ConstructionEdit

The sheathed weapon appears to be a fashionable walking cane, with a silver sphinx head (which serves as the hilt for the sword), and a silver tip with a leather stopper; the body of which is satin finished black leather covers a metal interior. The sword itself is reinforced steel, and the blade is intricately inscribed with Elven script.

The sword is exceptional in many (expensive) ways. The blade is reinforced solid steel, and strategically weighted in many places to aid in disarming. The sheath (disguised as a cane) is leather over metal. Finally, the head is cast in silver and shaped like the Sphinx of House Tharashk.


Elven Rapier (Original Weapon) Ray's Sword
Damage (Medium) 1d6, Piercing 1d6+1, Piercing
Critical 18-20/x2 18-20/x2
Weight 3 lbs 6 lbs (blade), 4 lbs (scabbard)
Resiliency Hardness 10; 5 HP

Hardness 11, 6 HP

In addition, Ray's sword grants a +2 on disarm checks, including rolls to resist being disarmed.


The origin of Ray's sword is unknown, though the blacksmith must have been exceptionally talented indeed. Ray was granted the sword by an elven noble during the Last War, as a reward for finding and delivering a weighty Siberys dragonshard.