Portrait commissioned during Shandra's service in the Brelish military
Full Name Shandra d'Tharashk
Class Unknown
Race Human (with some Orcish lineage)
Organization House d'Tharashk
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation Ray Stukey: Cousin

Shandra d'Tharashk is a marked member of House Tharashk and a cousin to Ray Stukey.

Like Ray, she served as an officer during the Last War and saw combat. Although she is willing to keep Ray's secret, she doesn't understand why he has severed contact with the House and frequently asked him to come back before he took on his new persona.

She recommended the Expedition to Ray, something both he and she probably regret. When the expedition went far overdue, she got worried about Ray and pulled some strings in House Tharashk to have the Blood Crescent's supply ship sent early, while carrying her and a small squad. Shandra and her retinue helped prevent further loss of life from the Plaguebearers and Juiblex, as well as providing a speedy return home for the party.