Professor Sokolov
Sokolov performing research in the field
Full Name Professor Sigint Sokolov
Class Expert
Race Gnome
Organization Morgrave University
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation Gibbins: Employer
Sigint Sokolov, or Professor Sokolov to his students, is a professor at Morgrave University.

Sokolov hired Gibbins as a bodyguard on a trip to the Demon Wastes, along with Rachael, to test his theories on the effects of environmental evil on living tissue. He is paying for this trip out of his own pocket, due to the refusal of the University to mount an official expedition. He blames his lack of tenure for this, but it may be due to his carelessness; few preparations or precautions were made before heading off to the perilous peninsula.

Sokolov is adventurous, though whether this is due to bravery or ignorance is unknown. He is relentlessly motivated to complete his research and hopefully gain tenure through his findings.