The Captain
The Captain on the deck of his ship (now sunk).
Full Name Captain Behnam Besud
Class Warrior/Expert
Race Human
Organization Demon Wastes Expedition
Area Varies
PC Affiliation Ray, Jovir, Weld, Hedisus, Rose: Superior officer

Katara: Glorified chaffeur

Captain Benham Besud (usually addressed as simply The Captain) was the head of the Demon Wastes Expedition, and as laid out in their contracts, the sole judge of their performance on said expedition. He is a competent naval officer, but had little experience in land missions, and generally turned to the judgment of the party in such matters.

Although generally professional and intelligent on the job, Besud was more casual and emotional before and after the actual assignment, speaking candidly with Jovir regarding Myril's recruitment and exploding at Weld while returning to Sharn.

The party next met the Captain along with Eustace Glass, when the two were handing out their pay. Besud had apparently kept Koganusan secret from Glass, but Hedisus mentioned it during the meeting; after Glass left to arrange another expedition, Besud snapped at Hedisus and left to try and talk to Glass.