Frostfell ice spires

Few facts are known about the Frostfell and few scholars care to learn more. It is a brutally cold and desolate land, known for its everpresent ice and bitter, cutting winds. The only expedition to chart even an inch of its surface was led by Lord Boroman ir'Dayne of the Wayfounder Foundation, who lost one of his two ships in the deadly blizzards. Though left for dead, the survivors of this ship formed a village that has survived the Frostfell for hundreds of years.

Dwarven legend describes their race as having began here, though most scholars and even many dwarves doubt the possibility of a people originating in such a merciless environment (dwarven myth paints the land as being cold, but not nearly so severe as the reports of explorers). Though many experts conjecture optimistically as to the mineral resources of the virgin land, no organizations are interested in invading such a lifeless landscape for anything less than a sure thing.