The Iron Tome

The Iron Tome is a small private library located in the Everbright district of the Menthis Plateau in Sharn. Owned and maintained by the dwarf Faroril Soldorak and his young elven apprentice, Katara, the library sees a small and steady business of individuals searching for information from the elder dwarf or looking to purchase the tomes from within the library. It is a very rare day, however, that sees the Soldorak dwarf selling one of his precious books.

The Tome is relatively small, with the library taking up a single room packed with books on shelves stacked thrice, and has attached living quarters that serve for the two caretakers of the library.

Note: for the time being, the map doesn't show a lot of the interior dressing of the library - I don't have the tiles for bookcases and a lot of housing furniture at the moment. I will update the map as I either find new tiles or make them.