The Jackal Druid
The Jackal Druid
Full Name Unknown
Class Druid
Race Human
Organization The Ashbound (speculated)
Area Sharn (former)
PC Affiliation Weld: Attempted murder

The Jackal Druid (real name unknown) is a Druidic terrorist who killed many Warforged in Sharn before being apprehended by the party.


Little about the Jackal Druid is known. Using his shapechanging powers, he murdered many of Sharn's Warforged district under the cover of darkness and surprise. Due to the low levels of community participation in the Warforged section, many of these murders went unnoticed. The Jackal Druid was profoundly subtle and remained undetected for most of his killing spree until Weld's intervention.

The Jackal Druid's murders first came to light when Weld interviewed Copper, who was heavily injured and knocked down a well but survived in an incapacitated state. Copper reported being attacked by a creature similar to a dog (actually a jackal, as Ray Stukey would realize when this information was later relayed) but with humanlike hands and laughter. Later, Weld was attacked by the Jackal Druid but drove it off with his hammer and the appearance of Vanderhill.

Weld set to work ordering a census of the Warforged population and began organizing the community. Upon investigating with the rest of the party, Myril recommended a shifter druid named Lady Leila. During a lengthy interview, Leila said she had been contacted by the Jackal Druid and offered a partnership in genociding the Warforged of Sharn, which she had refused. When returning to his district, Weld learned from Coyne that there had been another attack.

The Jackal Druid offered the party's humanoids a chance to retreat, as he only wanted to kill the Warforged, but was attacked and retreated. The party tracked the druid to a nearby rooftop, where he was ambushed, netted, and captured.


The Jackal Druid was turned over to the authorities, but continues to have repurcussions on the Warforged community, the foremost being an increasing focus on Warforged nationalism.