Vanderhill and Twins
Vanderhill and two prospective employees playing a prank on Weld.
Full Name FLB597
Class Unknown
Race Warforged
Organization Workforged Manufacturing
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation Weld: Considers him a friend

Vanderhill is a warforged residing in Sharn.

Vanderhill's introduction to the campaign was to invite Weld out for a night on the town, which unfortunately culminated in the discovery of a murdered watchman, and later interceded in Weld's first encounter with a druidic serial killer. In addition, Vanderhill has continued to be active in Weld's affairs, and expressed interest in helping with Weld's proposed business.

Vanderhill is markedly more outgoing than most warforged in the community and is passionately emotional, sometimes bordering on the hedonistic. In addition to flowery speech and late-night parties, Weld discovered Vanderhill in a heated argument with Coyne during a warforged nationalism rally, which had Vanderhill thrown out of the building and would have come to further blows had Weld not cowed the opposition into backing down. Afterwards, Vanderhill admitted to attending the meeting for the specific reason of inciting conflict.

Vanderhill continued to antagonize Coyne and his followers while Weld was travelling out of town, but the latter talked him into stopping when returning. Weld also asked Vanderhill into help raise awareness and find workers for Workforged Manufacturing. Thus far, Vanderhill has provided field notes on Weld's shield design, and limited recruitment.