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Full Name CLB103
Player Allan
Class Cleric
Race Warforged
Weld (or CLB103 - Cleric-Type, Breland, Production Unit #103) is a blacksmith and cleric of Onatar living in the warforged disctrict of Lower Sharn. He is visibly distinct from other warforged due to the symbol of his god welded to his chest. Weld spends much of his time in the workshop performing small repairs for the locals, but often helps out with small jobs in the community, usually aiding the local warforged or private investigators. He is a noted advocate of warforged rights yet pursues this through constructive, non-violent means such as promoting warforged businesses, increasing their visibility, and other methods of integration into humanoid society. One such endeavor is the beginnings of an assembly workshop, Warforged Manufacturing, to provide jobs for both warforged and other unemployed denizens of Lower Sharn. His eventual hope is that warforged and humanoids will be able to work side-by-side as equals for mutual benefit. This is not sentiment but rather pragmatism, as Weld realizes that humanoids outnumber them at least 2500 to 1. And with warforged unable to produce more of their kind to repopulate, it makes sense to ingrain themselves as a positive contributor to society rather than risk being seen as a threat to be eliminated.

As an aspiring innovater, Weld has already developed a prototype collapsible shield for urban use, and seeks to develop other useful items to create a new market rather than directly compete with existing forgeworks. Weld required a substantial amount of capital to start production and refinement, and signed on with a risky journey to the Demon Wastes along with his comrades. Thus far, it has been quite unlucky; the voyage was sabotaged and only his team along with a few of the ship's crew survived only to be shipwrecked in the Frostfell. Thankfully they managed to escape and return to the mainland, but the mission is a failure due to the loss of much of the resources/prospectors. The current objective is to find a way out of the Demon Wastes and back to Sharn, and hopefully salvaging as much value as possible. And so Weld and the other survivors enter the seemingly abandoned dwarven fortress Koganusan...