Xo Fei
Xo Fei
Full Name Xo Fei
Class Druid
Race Human (with some Elven, Dwarven and Orcish lineage)
Organization Frostfell Village
Area Frostfell Village
PC Affiliation None
Xo Fei is the sole, inexperienced druid of the Frostfell Village.

Xo Fei first met the player characters soon after they washed up on the shore of the Frostfell, where she invited them to treat their hypothermia in her igloo and treated them to several cold weather outfits. After, she escorted them to the Village.

Xo Fei is the only druid of the Village after her predecessor was killed by wolves in 997 YK, and is vital to preserving the Village's food supply. She had never performed the ritual before 998, and though she had studied for it obsessively over the last year, was not confident in her ability. Jovir, Hedisus, Rose and Katara encountered The White One with a Red Horn as a result of trying to find a rare flower that would ease the ritual's performance. Although recovering the flowers was extremely risky, they were instrumental to Xo Fei's success.

Xo Fei was, and is, extremely grateful for the group's help after the ritual, and was especially close to Rose as a fellow Druid. However, she declined to go with them to Khorvaire, saying that the Village needed her more.

Xo Fei can shapeshift into a form somewhere between a dog and a wolf, with black fur and red eyes.