Xie braving the outside world for the first time in many years.
Full Name Young San Xie
Class Magewright
Race Elf
Organization The Village
Area The Village
PC Affiliation None

Young San Xie (or Great-grandfather to those in the Frostfell Village) is the leader of the Frostfell's lone settlement and the last remaining original settler. At somewhere over seven hundred years old, Xie has not only surpassed the average life expectancy for an elf but is rapidly approaching an elf's maximum lifespan.

Originally a ship's navigator, Xie has served many roles in the Village, but moved to more supervisory roles over the centuries as his health deteriorated, and rarely left the central igloo before the arrival of the player characters in 998 YK. He was respected and revered by most of the Village for his wisdom, but has returned to Aerenal.

Due to the small population of the Village, every inhabitant is related to Xie (as well as each other). He has been married thrice, but swore the third was his last.