Zeke Finnigan
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Full Name Ezekiel Finnigan
Class Cleric (Cloistered variant)
Race Human
Organization The Blood of Vol
Area Sharn
PC Affiliation None
Zeke Finnigan is the priest of Sharn's newest and only church dedicated to The Blood of Vol, currently located in Lower Sharn and in close proximity to Ray Stukey's office. Courteous and friendly, though steadfastly dedicated to his calling, Zeke hopes to convert as many of his neighbors as he can to the order, and grant the Blood of Vol a stronger foothold in Breland's most prosperous city.

The ChurchEdit

Like most of the structures in Lower Sharn, the church is a small building, though Zeke keeps it well decorated and maintained. It has two rooms; the front doors open to a few short benches and a humble podium, the walls adorned with religious symbols. A simple door in the back leads to a smaller room with Zeke's bed, wardrobe and writing desk, as well as a few other necessities of life.