Zhiyang often goes without a shirt in sub-zero conditions
Full Name Zhiyang
Class Warrior
Race Human (with some Orcish lineage)
Organization The White One with a Red Horn
Area Frostfell Village
PC Affiliation None
Zhiyang is the largest man and best hunter in Frostfell Village.

Zhiyang is distinguished by going topless in the Frostfell's punishing temperatures, while everyone else wears heavy furs. He attributes this endurance to his allegiance to The White One with a Red Horn, a vaguely defined and seemingly divine being he met during a blizzard. He considers The White One with a Red Horn to be the rightful ruler of the Frostfell and everything in it, and will disparage the Village's druidic traditions in its favour.

Zhiyang led Jovir, Hedisus, Rose and Katara to The White One with a Red Horn's cave under the pretense of religious recruitment, though the player characters only wanted some rare flowers growing in its cave. When The White One with a Red Horn appeared, it tried to cow the player characters into frightened reverence, but attacked when the group refused to submit. Zhiyang tried to calm the situation, but was magically charmed into staying out of the fight, and was trapped with The White One with a Red Horn during the group's escape.

Zhiyang returned to the Village immediately after the werewolf's attack was repelled, sporting fresh new scars and a dramatic increase in crazy. After crushing a remaining wolf to death, Zhiyang marched into the center of the Village and demanded an audience with the great-grandfather. When the player characters intervened, Zhiyang knocked out Xo Fei and injured Weld before the scuffle was defused.

Zhiyang spent the next few days trying to raise support for The White One with a Red Horn among the populace. Although he found several followers early on, an impromptu debate with Katara dismantled the burgeoning cult due to the bard's superior argumentative skills.